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Mrs. Teri Berk
SKD Lunch Coordinator

Click on the link provided to view Mrs. Berk’s description of our school’s Lunch Letter 2017

Questions? Contact Teri Berk via email at

How do the students order lunch?
Lunch menus are posted below in the middle of each month.  Print a menu, make your child’s selections and send it into school with your payment.

Lunch Bag Rules:
Only small insulated lunch bags or small lunch boxes are permitted.  No small picnic coolers or picnic totes are allowed.  Each bag or lunch box must be labeled with student’s name and room number.

Please Remember:
Please remember to pack a napkin or paper towel for your child’s eating area.
Please Note: Microwave use is not permitted.

Lunch Parent Volunteers: 
*All volunteers must be in compliance with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Safe Environment Guidelines & Requirements.
School Volunteer Compliance Steps

Milk & Pretzel Order Forms/Information:
SKD milk letter 2nd half 2017
Pretzel Notice fall and spring

SKD Lunch Menus 
November 2017 MENU
December 2017 MENU
January 2018 Menu
February 2018 Menu
March 2018 Menu

Some of you are owed a credit due to snow and the EAGLES win.

If you ordered on Feb 7th please use March 21st as your credit day.

If you ordered on Feb 8th please use March 8th as your credit day.

If you are unsure what days you order just let me know, I have copies of all menus.
Thanks Teri

Today was the first pizza day of Lent, while we did order 10 extra pies we still had about 20 students who wanted pizza and were not able to get it. They were offered other items such as mozzarella sticks, PBJ and cereal, however they were disappointed they couldn’t get pizza. We have 3 more weeks of Lent, if you want to be sure your child is guaranteed to get pizza please fill out the March menu that is online. You can just order on Friday and that way your child will be sure to get their pizza. Otherwise it will continue to be first come first serve. Any questions feel free to contact me.
Thanks Teri