Music (Band & Choir)



The St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School Concert Choir is open by audition to any student in grades 3 through 8.   The rehearsals are held on Wednesdays (and Fridays for the Parts singers) from 12:25 to 12:55 pm (during lunch/recess time — choir members eat quickly, then report for choir rehearsal.)  Rehearsals are held in the St Bede Church Daily Mass Chapel located right behind the school cafeteria. Extra rehearsals may be added if needed.

The choir year is divided into two halves: Christmas and Spring, with a principal concert given at the end of each half.  Carol Night is the principal concert for Christmas and the Spring Concert, usually held at the end of April, is the principal concert for Spring.  Attendance is required at each principal concert.  It is likely that there will be secondary performances in addition to the principal concerts.  Attendance at the secondary performances is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Auditions are held in September.  The audition is simple and hopefully not too scary: the auditionees are asked to sing “Happy Birthday” and their singing voices are evaluated.  Also taken into consideration is the level of enthusiasm and cooperation displayed by the student when singing during weekly music classes.  The auditionees will be notified with the results after all of the auditions have been completed.

Choir members have the responsibility to attend rehearsals regularly (2 absences from rehearsals per half-year are permitted). Choir members must also be attentive and cooperative and must be present for the principal concerts.  Failure to meet these responsibilities will result in dismissal from the choir.

Parental support is very important.  Parents will be asked to provide their e-mail addresses and will be kept up-to-date via e-mail on all choir news.

For questions and more information please contact Mrs. Quaranto by email at or check her Webpage for SKD choir updates.




Music lessons and band participation are available for students in grades one through eight. Students may begin music lessons at any grade and at any time during the school year. Summer lessons are also available. Instrument rentals are available. St. Katharine Drexel has a Junior Band, Senior Band, Jazz Band, Drumline and Orchestra. Bands practice every week. There is a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert. The Jazz band partakes in weekend competitions. Over the years, St. Katharine Drexel (formerly St. Bede’s bands) has won many awards.

For more information about the band, their practice times and the calendar of events, please visit Mr. Facenda’s wesbite. Or you may reach Mr. Facenda by phone: 215-514-5292 or email: