Mrs. Ann Senoyuit – 6A

Mrs. Senoyuit feels blessed to be joining the SKD family. She received a B.S. in sociology from the University of Delaware and an M.S.Ed. from St. Joseph’s University. She holds a PA Certification in Elementary K-6, Middle School Mathematics,   Middle School English, Middle School Social Studies, and Middle School Science. She is also a PA Certified Reading Specialist, is certified in the Wilson Reading Program, and is working towards a Special Education Certification. She taught fourth grade at Saint Agnes Sacred Heart School, 6th and 7th -grade math and science and 7th – grade social studies in a Philadelphia charter school, and is a Wilson Reading tutor.  As an educator, she strives to create learning opportunities tailored to multiple learning styles and abilities with a focus on 21st– century skills, and she endeavors to nurture life-long learners. She maintains a classroom that is Christ-centered and keeps the Gospel ever present.  She is married to a Byzantine Catholic Deacon and the mother six children. Click here to access the 6A Class Website.

Kane_Mrs. Karin18

Mrs. Kane holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Holy Family University and holds a PA Certification in Special Education and Middle School English.  With over 10 years experience, she works to bring a faith-filled environment to all of her students.  Mrs. Kane has a passion for teaching writing /grammar and strives to create lifelong readers and writers in all of her sixth graders. Click here to access the 6B Class Website