Mission & Philosophy




“St Katharine Drexel Catholic School forms Catholic leaders

through academic excellence, personal discipline, and Christian service.”


Academically, the school pursues a curriculum designed to exceed guidelines that are linked to national standards for all subject areas.

Socially, the school strives to create an environment for learning where children feel comfortable and loved, knowing they are supported by their classmates as well as their teachers.

Spiritually, the school emphasizes Christian service and personal discipline, with a goal toward developing Catholic leaders.


We, the faculty and staff of SKD School, declare our belief in, and need for a Christ-centered education by embracing the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel to all people.  We affirm this faith-development already present in the family, and augment it by opening to the child all possible avenues which lead him/her to our Creator and loving Father.  We aspire to nourish free, personal encounters with Christ by stirring in the child an ardent desire to understand his/her relationship to God, oneself, and others.

In order to achieve the student’s fullest potential as a human being, we are concerned with creating a stimulating, yet controlled atmosphere, in which each child is able to experience and acquire that knowledge which will be the firm foundation upon which he/she can build a happy and successful life.  In addition, we are committed to helping the children gain a deep appreciation of their Catholic heritage and a concerned, active interest in their American citizenship.

Therefore, we aim to educate the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.