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Mrs. Mercurio holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and certification in Elementary and Kindergarten Education from the Pennsylvania State University.  Mrs. Mercurio devoted most of her career to fourth graders.  Part of her personal mission is emphasizing the teaching of children – not merely subject matter.  Mrs. Mercurio strives to bring out the best in her students and to set them up for success. Mrs. Mercurio likes working in a Catholic School because it is more than just a job; it is a calling and ministry.  She embraces the opportunity to help children learn about their faith and grow closer to Jesus.  Some favorite past times include reading, playing word games and watching movies.  She enjoys tailgating with friends.  One might be surprised to know that Mrs. Mercurio’s basement is decorated in a Big Ten Football theme with a special wall dedicated to Penn State memorabilia – of course! Click here to access the 4A Class Website

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Mrs. Zimmerman holds a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Political Science. She has a teaching certification for K-8 in PA and NJ, with graduate work in Reading Specialist from Holy Family University. Given the opportunity of teaching all grade levels from first to sixth, she had the experience of following the progress of the children as they grew and matured. Mrs. Zimmerman enjoys seeing her energized students in class everyday while trying to provide a safe and comfortable learning experience. She loves sharing her faith and would like her students to share their knowledge, concerns, and joys knowing that we are catching a little glimpse of the future. Click here to access the 4B Class Website