Campus Ministry

At St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School, we fulfill our mission by providing our students with many opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ in Word, Sacrament, and activities designed to nourish their relationship with the Lord.

As a Catholic Christian community, St. Katharine Drexel School is a source through which each student may deepen his or her personal relationship with God.

Through Campus Ministry, the SKD Community celebrates our Catholic heritage and identity daily.  Students, as well as faculty and staff, are encouraged to participate in our faith experience through the sacraments especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation, prayer, reflection, and service.



Random Acts of Kindness

When students & teachers are “caught” being kind to others, they receive a ticket for their Random Act of Kindness.

At the end of each week, five names are drawn from the stockpile of kindness tickets and those students are rewarded with good time ticket for their efforts of demonstrating Catholic values.

Catholic Leaders

We always are sure to pay special tribute to the students of the month, who are worthy of recognition due to their practice of being strong and influential Catholic Leaders for Saint Katharine Drexel School.

At the end of every month during the school year, students and teachers vote for a fellow peer in their class, who they feel best displayed and represented commendable acts of Catholic Leadership for the month.

Weekly Presence of Priests & Seminarians in the Classroom 

In accordance to our mission statement here at St. Katharine Drexel School, Catholic Identity and forming Catholic Leaders is a top priority. Our faculty, staff and parish staff have many ways of infusing Catholic Identity into the daily curriculum.

We were able to catch up with 7th grade, during their “Thursday Theology” class taught by our very own Monsignor Marine. This particular Thursday lesson, was hands on learning about the vestments worn by priests and deacons during the celebration of mass in the Catholic church.

The students were more than excited to gain a behind the scenes taste of the mass, the vestments and more! Our 7th grade boys beamed with pride as they modeled some of the vestments for their class.

IMG_0198        IMG_0201