The goal of our style and usage guidebook is to
protect the look, feel, tone, and values of our
school organization. A guidebook achieves this by helping
everyone understand the importance of our brand. It
describes how to use the elements of the brand such as
our identity and brand name, logo, and more. This page
is a comprehensive manual for anyone who uses our brand
and its components in their work including faculty and staff,
parent and student organizations, partners,
designers, and contractors.

The modern school is advanced, distinctive, and diverse. So is our brand.

The 2012-2013 school year marked a new beginning for our school.  We celebrated a new name that honors a miracle that had its roots on the premises, and we welcomed the arrival of new students from Assumption BVM Parish, who joined with students from St. Bede the Venerable Parish in Holland, St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Richboro, and surrounding parishes to create an exceptional Catholic elementary school built for the future.
St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School, located on the grounds of St. Bede Parish, includes full-day pre-kindergarten, classrooms for grades K through 8, an Arts & Sciences Center, a cafeteria, gymnasium and performing arts center, and a state-of- the-art Media Center with a 3D printer and television studio. Classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards, projectors and high-speed Internet access.  A 1:1 technology program allows for teachers to constantly develop ways to engage students with technology during daily instruction.

Our Mission

 “St Katharine Drexel Catholic School forms Catholic leaders through academic excellence, personal discipline, and Christian service.”

Academically, the school pursues a curriculum designed to exceed guidelines that are linked to national standards for all subject areas.

Socially, the school strives to create an environment for learning where children feel comfortable and loved, knowing they are supported by their classmates as well as their teachers.

Spiritually, the school emphasizes Christian service and personal discipline, with a goal toward developing Catholic leaders.

Visual Identity

The St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School logo is the visual calling card we present to the public. Therefore, it must be used wisely, consistently and correctly to prevent a disorganized, incongruent representation of the school.

The goal from the start was to create a brand with modernity and style. Our solution was to create a brand that expressed our tradition, but felt thoroughly modern.




Blue Crest   Gold Crest

Icon Only

Logo with Tagline




Logo Integrity


To ensure the integrity of the logo, it is imperative that the logo be used properly.  Below are common examples of misuse.

Our Brand Typography
In most publications, a combination of  “Pacifico,”  “TT Corals Thin,” and “Arial” fonts should be used. Pacifico is particularly useful for headlines. TT Corals should be used for subheadings or pull-out quotes. Variations of Arial are preferred for longer sections of body copy. These type sections provide the St. Katharine Drexel brand a contemporary interpretation of a classic professional style. The wide variety of weights for the fonts and overall versatility of the Arial font are ideal for any application from headlines to text and captions.





Brand Colors

Below are the colors chosen to represent the SKD school brand. These should not be distorted or substituted in any way. The SKD brand uses primary and secondary palettes. These should always be used as the starting point in any design.

Consistent use of color supports visual cohesion across communications and leverages emotional resonance with our brand. When combined with photos of students, campus, and activities, color enhances the depth and increases the impact of storytelling.

Tagline and Social

The SKD tagline was developed to convey integral ideas:

  • We emphasize Christian Love and Service with a goal towards developing Christian Leaders.
  • We are a joined community and embrace the legacy of both parishes.

“Embracing  Leadership, Love, and Legacy”

Our hashtag is meant to celebrate that we are a joined community and embrace the legacy of both parishes while creating our own legacy as Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School. That’s while we are #ProudToBeSKD


Illustration Style

Illustration is a very effective means to make an audience more receptive to your message. Illustrations that best fit St. Katharine Drexel’s brand should be stylized and clean, clear with geometric shapes, lines, and patterns.  The color palette of illustrations should take cues from the colors set in this guidebook. In no circumstance should clip art be used in forward facing materials. If you need assistance designing an illustration, contact


All forward-facing materials (posters, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) should be approved by either the Director of Advancement or the Principal prior to being posted.