Excellent teachers are the most important factor in a superior educational experience.

At St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School, we recognize that learning is a journey, not a race- and each child learns at a different pace. For this reason, our school boasts an impressive 19:1 student to faculty ratio so our educators can provide each student with the personal attention they need. Led by Principal Laura Clark, all teachers at St. Katharine Drexel have degrees and are certified. The teaching staff is a blend of veteran teachers with experience and wisdom and newer educators with innovative ideas and motivation. Ongoing professional growth of all teachers is encouraged and supported by teacher in service through the school year. Below you find biographies of our teachers as well as a faculty directory with our educators’ contact information and classroom websites.

Meet the St. Katharine Drexel School Faculty

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Teachers

First Grade Teachers

Second Grade Teachers

Third Grade Teachers

Fourth Grade Teachers

Fifth Grade Teachers

Sixth Grade Teachers

Seventh Grade Teachers

Eighth Grade Teachers

Co-Curricular Teachers

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Ms. Kathy McVeigh mrsmcveigh@skdschool.org
Pre-Kindergarten 4 Ms. Sue Heston mrsheston@skdschool.org
Pre-Kindergarten 4 Ms. Jennifer Horn  jhorn@skdschool.org
Pre-Kindergarten Aide Ms. Sherry Casey mscasey@skdschool.org
Pre-Kindergarten Aide Ms. Elaine Walton ewalton@skdschool.org
Kindergarten – A Ms. Katrina Culhane kculhane@skdschool.org
Kindergarten – B Ms. Christina Wall mrswall@skdschool.org
Kindergarten Aide Ms. Heather Stern hstern@skdschool.org
1st Grade – 1B Ms. Donna Cochran mrscochran@skdschool.org
1st Grade – 1A Ms. Stacey Desmond sdesmond@skdschool.org
2nd Grade – 2B Ms. Elizabeth Menna emenna@skdschool.org
2nd Grade – 2A Ms. Denise Larner mrslarner@skdschool.org
3rd Grade – 3A Ms. Jessica McDonald mrsmcdonald@skdschool.org
3rd Grade – 3B Ms. Carol Burns mrsburns@skdschool.org
4th Grade – 4A Mr. Jim Fleming To Be Announced
4th grade – 4B Ms. Alyson Donahue adonahue@skdschool.org
5th Grade – 5B Ms. Elise Romano mrsromano@skdschool.org
5th Grade – 5A Ms. Rosalie Curran mrscurran@skdschool.org
6th Grade – 6A Ms. Mary Banas mrsbanas@skdschool.org
6th Grade – 6B Ms. Karin Kane mrskane@skdschool.org
7th Grade – 7A Ms. Alice O’Brien  mrsobrien@skdschool.org
7th Grade – 7B Ms. Diane Reese dreese@skdschool.org
8th Grade – 8A Ms Ellen Vondercrone missvondercrone@skdschool.org
8th Grade – 8B Ms. Karen Dorneman mrsdorneman@skdschool.org
Honors Math Ms. Sandra McDevitt mrsmcdevitt@skdschool.org
Art Ms. Ann Parisian aparisian@skdschool.org
Music Ms. Lisa Quaranto lquaranto@skdschool.org
Physical Education Mr. Bill LaRosa mrlarosa@skdschool.org
Spanish Ms. Rosalyn Gutierrez msgutierrez@skdschool.org
Digital Literacy/Media Mr. Timothy McWilliams tmcwilliams@skdschool.org
Band Mr. Sonny Facenda mrfacenda@skdschool.org