Profile of an SKD Graduate


Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School’s Profile of Graduates

The goal of Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School is to graduate students who possess the knowledge and skills needed to work in the 21st century and values rooted in the Catholic faith.  When students have completed our educational program they will have become:LEARNERS:

  • Transfer their learning and problem-solving skills across all subject areas
  • Possess the skills to be academically successful in high school, college, and their career
  • Embed a desire to always do their personal best – “be all that you can be”
  • Demonstrate a proficiency in mathematical applications and scientific processes
  • Understand that literature and art are a means to understand society and culture, and a way to express ideas and emotions
  • Understand and use the arts and literature as lenses through which to view society and culture, as well as to express ideas and emotions
  • Know world geography, including the locations of major world regions and cultures, as well as human and environmental interaction
  • Understand the historical development and contemporary beliefs, values, and characteristics of major world cultures
  • Use technology to continue learning outside the classroom
  • Transfer their learning to real life situations and be able to collaborate with their peers for solutions to problems


  • Critical and moral thinkers and decision makers
  • Read, comprehend, apply, analyze and evaluate various text and materials
  • Develop critical thinking skills and problem solving techniques that enhance the ability to form logical conclusions and make informed decisions


  • Young adults that are instilled with Christian values, they practice their faith, and are proactive in their parish and community
  • Continue to voluntarily participate in acts of Christian service to others
  • Display a positive attitude and a good sense of humor
  • Demonstrate self-awareness and self determination
  • Demonstrates mastery of communication skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Possess a clear understanding of the essential truths of the Catholic faith that will contribute to a spiritual growth and authentic conviction of their beliefs
  • Articulate their spiritual conviction clearly and fully understand the Gospel message
  • Demonstrate self-discipline, dependability, commitment and self-evaluation on completing responsibilities
  • Appropriately apply biblical principles and knowledge to facts, theories, and ethical issues in all areas of education and life